This month, the Realm of Nessa interviewed CoE member, Nienna Realmer, forum sensation, and Official Waffle Recovery Team Leader, ElfmaidenofLorien!

• So how were you introduced to LotR?
Well, by the time LotR came into my life it was after all the movies were out. I had heard about it because my parents went to see it in theatres, but I wasn’t very sure about it. Then my best friend came along and made me watch the movies and soon after I read the books and I fell in love.

• You’ve been a member for two years now. Happy anniversary! How did you discover the CoE?
My best friend yet again. She told me I had to join and so I eventually did. I didn’t think I’d have much time for it, but it seems that I make time.

• Can you describe your role as Official Waffle Recovery Team Leader?
haha, well, I suppose my job in that role would be to protect the rights of waffles and be sure they don’t get a freezer burn.

• While many people cling to one forum, or even prefer to stay hidden in their realm, you seem to enjoy posting everywhere! Do you have a favorite forum?
Oh, lets see..I enjoy posting in the Prancing Pony the best, it’s a lovely place. But I love getting around and meeting new people.

• The grapevine tells us that you are a horse rider. Do you own a horse?
I do not own my own horse, yet. But when I do I will be naming him Brego.

• Is there a story behind your user name?
After reading the books and watching the movies I found that I was in love with Lothlorien and and fact that my favorite elf, Haldir, lives in the Golden Wood sort of decided the name.

• Do you own any LotR collectors items? I do own a couple action figures and the ME map, and of course, my own books, but I think that’s it.

• We’ve heard that you have a very Elven personality. Do you think this is a natural-born talent or something that *cough* any elf-fanatic could acquire?
(hehe) lol! Well, I think some of it is my own talent to tell you the truth, but I think that LotR brought it out.

• How often do you log on to CoE? I try to log on at least twice a day if I can.

• You are a member of the Realm of Nienna. What Nienna traits do you especially relate to?
Taking care of our world is important to me. I’m always very sad when forests are taken out to make new housing developements. I used to have a big forest in my backyard but it was all taken out to make a housing developement for houses that were half a million to buy. I was really sad for a long time about it.

• Do you have any advice for newbies?
Get out there! We want to see you in the realms and forums! Get active and explore. It took me a while to be able to find my way around, but if you need help just ask, everyone here is wonderful, and we won’t bite, I swear.

• In this issue, we’re talking about “favorite places” where we go to relax, get creative, or just be crazy. Do you have a favorite place and if so, would you describe it?
Hmmm, favorite place…well I guess my favorite place would be sitting in my tree in my yard. I call it my mallorn tree and it’s a lovely place to sit and read a book or imagine something up for a new story.

Thank you, ElfmaidenofLorien, for your help in making this site the fabulous place it is. Happy posting!

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