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Rare Tolkien book found in charity shop

A rare edition of The Lord of the Rings has been donated to an Oxfam charity shop in Troon, Scotland. Printed in 1991 to mark Tolkien’s 100th birthday, the book has silver pages and is signed by Alan Lee. The charity hope the book will reach in the region of £5000 at auction. You can read the full story here.

Film music critics award nomination for RotK

The International Film Music Critics Association nominations for 2007 include; The Return of the King: The Complete Recordings. The recording has been nominated for an award in the “best new release/re-release/re-recording of an existing score” category. You can see the complete list of nominations here .

The winners will be announced on 15th February.

Shadows of Angmar gets another award

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar made it into a “Top 50 games of 2007” list by Game Informer Magazine, the world’s largest video game magazine. You can read the entire article here.

Happy birthday Orlando Bloom

Today, 13th January, is Orlando Bloom’s birthday. Orlando was born in Canterbury, England, on the 13th of January, 1977 and is 31 today.

You can read Orlando’s cast biography here. There are pictures of Orlando here and pictures of Orlando in the role of Legolas here.

Happy Birthday Orlando!

Silver Leaves – call for submissions

The White Tree Fund is now calling for submissions to its second issue of Silver Leaves. The theme for this issue is The Inklings and all academic, journalistic, reflective, creative and artistic pieces relative to the collective group known as the Inklings or any of its individual members are welcome.

The deadline for all submissions is April 30, 2008. Publication is set for Fall 2008. Further information including submission guidelines can be found here.

Elijah Wood, Frodo and The Hobbit

In an interview about the forthcoming Hobbit movies at, Elijah Wood reveals, “If I’m asked to go back and revisit that character and it makes sense, I would love to. I would absolutely love to,”

50 greatest British writers since 1945

JRR Tolkien has been named by UK newspaper, The Times, as the 6th greatest postwar British writer. You can see the full list here.

Lord of the Rings Symphony in Arizona

On 29th and 30th March 2008 the Tucson Symphony Orchestra will be performing Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings Symphony. There are further details are the orchestra’s website here.

Will The Hobbit movies be any good?

Eric Snider at speculates as to whether the forthcoming Hobbit movies will be any good.

CoE Store Item of the Month

For the month of January the CoE Store will be featuring two great figures from Gentle Giant. Your favorite elf and dwarf are back together and ready to hunt some orcs in these nicely done figures. The bases of each figure are designed to connect together and are both due to be released in January. To see the Gimli and Legolas Animated Maquettes click here.