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Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings Symphony

On 19th and 20th September the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra will be performing Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings Symphony. The Symphony will feature six movements from the famous trilogy. Original illustrations and storyboards by artists Alan Lee and John Howe will be featured during the concert. There are further details at the orchestra’s website here.

The Hobbit’s Own Individuality

In relation to the Hobbit movies, director Guillermo Del Toro says, “It’s a matter of raising on it. I think The Hobbit has a peculiar spirit in relation to not only the trilogy, but also to Tolkien’s work. It’ll have respect for what’s been done, but also its own individuality.”
You can read the full article here.

“I want my preciousss role again” interviews Andy Serkis on his thoughts and Andy’s quest to be in the Hobbit. Andy says: “You never know in this industry. It would be fantastic to play Gollum again. He is a wonderful character and I enjoyed playing him in the Lord of the Rings. There’s more to be got out of him and more fun to be had.”

Do you want a role in The Hobbit?

Not so far fetched as it sounds as Guillermo del Toro has announced, “we will set some rules and some contests and some fans will definitely get the chance of being extras”. So far no details have been announced about what you might have to do to earn a role as an extra. You can read the full story at

Del Toro on The Hobbit

In an exclusive interview at Guillermo del Toro discusses the forthcoming movies.

Tolkien postcard found

Whilst dismantling a fireplace in Tolkien’s former home in Poole, Dorset, demolition worker Stephen Malton, came across a postcard addressed to Tolkien. A collector has reportedly offered $500,000 for the fireplace and postcard. You can read the full story here.

Del Toro answers questions on The Hobbit

At Guillermo Del Toro answers questions about the forthcoming movies. These include; “What’s the best advice Peter Jackson gave to you about this process?”

Legolas Makes Entertainment Weekly List

This week’s unique list of pop culture icons is “Never Say Die: 17 Beloved Pop-Culture Immortals.” Legolas makes the list, for, as EW says: “He has long blond hair and moves with balletic grace, but Bloom’s Legolas is a born fighter who has deadly aim with a bow even when sliding down the trunk of a raging Oliphaunt.”
You can read the rest of the story here.

Happy birthday Liv Tyler

Today, July 1st, is Liv Tyler’s birthday. She was born in New York on 1st July 1977 and is 31 today. You can take a look at her cast bio here. You can view pictures of Liv here and pictures of Liv in the role of Arwen here.

Happy Birthday, Liv.

CoE Store Item of the Month

For the month of July the CoE Store will be featuring a Parchment Map of Middle-Earth. This map measures 34″ x 22″ and is printed on parchment to give the map a vintage look and feel. All of your favorite middle-earth locations are present on this map as well as outlining the path Frodo took from The Shire to Mordor.