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Oxonmoot 2008

This year’s Oxonmoot 2008 begins on the evening of Thursday the 25th and runs until Sunday the 28th. Location is at Christ Church.

Come and enjoy the ususal discussions, as well as an art show, sales room, hospitality room, two days of events and the party on the Saturday evening in the “Harry Potter” hall. On Sunday morning there will be the remembrance ceremony, Enyalië, at Professor Tolkien’s grave in Wolvercote Cemetery. Coach transport to and from the cemetery will be provided but seats cannot be guaranteed.

For more information check out the Oxonmoot website.

“Hunt for Gollum”: Short Film to be released in 2008

A new film is being made by an independent group, called “The Hunt for Gollum”. This short film, made to be non-profit, will be available on the web for free download following completion.
The film will be set before the events in the Fellowship of the Ring, and will hopefully give us avid Tolkien fans something to look forward to while we eagerly await the release of the new Hobbit movies.
More info, including two teaser trailers can be viewed here.

Realm Sceptre Competition #7 ~ Mini Hobbit Posters

Please come by the General Realms Forum here and check out the Realms latest project and vote for the poster you like best!

Housing crunch bankrupts The Shire

The collapse of the real estate market has forced ‘The Shire’, a Bend Oregon housing development inspired by The works of JRRT, into foreclosure. Only one home has been sold, although another is nearly completed and 14 other lots have been developed.

CoE Store Item of the Month

For the month of August the CoE Store will be featuring a new book on our favorite author J.R.R. Tolkien. This book titled J.R.R. Tolkien: Interviews, Reminiscences, and Other Essays, is in hardcover format and due to be released on August 14th. The book features interviews with Tolkien, the personal reminiscences of family and friends and more. This book will be a great addition to the shelf of any Tolkien scholar.