In Spain, plans are underway to make a whole Lord of the Rings themed tourist destination with a lot of the communities, people, and craftsmenship unique to Tolkien’s creation. It will be located in the Sierra Norte, a shire formed by 42 municipalities placed in the most Northern triangle of the Community of Madrid. The creators say:
“It was discovered that a map of the area, when superimposed on a map of Middle Earth, revealed a similarity of sixty per cent of the topography, i.e.: mountains in the same places, names which bear close resemblance, also rivers and forests. This caused us to seriously consider the possibility of recreating a miniature landscape of Middle Earth in the region, whereby a study team was formed, and technical experts consulted with a view to investigating further the viablity of this idea.”

You can click here to go to their website, and download a pdf with the entire idea and plans for Middle Earth cities so you can get an idea of what its all about–and put “Little Middle Earth” on your to-do list!

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