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The Hobbit in Empire

The March edition of UK film magazine Empire contains a special feature on the forthcoming movies of The Hobbit. This includes an exclusive interview with director del Toro. There’s further information about the feature here.

Happy birthday Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, on 28th January 1981 and celebrates his 28th birthday today. You can see pictures of Elijah here, pictures of him in the role of Frodo here and read his cast bio here.

Happy birthday Elijah!

Monaghan and ‘The Hobbit’

Dominic Monaghan and his fellow hobbits and co-stars are hoping to return to Middle Earth in the upcoming ‘Hobbit’ movies. According to an interview with MTV, Monaghan says:
“They really want us to come back, and I think there’s a really strong chance that we might be back.
“I don’t really see myself retiring [Merry]. I don’t have any kind of retirement ideas.”

You can read the full story here.

Forum Currently Down

We’re in the middle of upgrading our server to PHP 5, and that appears to have broken the forums (and possibly a few other things). Please give me an hour or two to fix things. Thanks for your patience.

Edit: the Forum is now working. If you come across any sections of the site that appear not to be working, or are acting strangely, please report them here.

Silver Leaves, Issue 2: The Inklings now available

Tolkien-based journal Silver Leaves, Issue Two, was released as of Saturday, 10th January. The theme of this issue is The Inklings Contributors include Douglas Gresham, Colin Duriez, Brian Sibley, and Jef Murray, along with many others. Further information, including how to order a copy, can be found here.

Happy birthday Orlando Bloom

Today, 13th January, is Orlando Bloom’s birthday. Orlando was born in Canterbury, England, on the 13th of January, 1977 and is 32 today.

You can read Orlando’s cast biography here. There are pictures of Orlando here and pictures of Orlando in the role of Legolas here.

Happy Birthday Orlando!

McKellen confirms ‘Hobbit’ involvement

Sir Ian McKellen has clearly confirmed his involvement in the upcoming movie, “The Hobbit.” says: ” ‘I have been been promised I’m in it,’ states McKellen, a mere twelve hours from eating dinner with Hobbit director Guillermo Del Toro.”

New Tolkien book

A new book by JRR Tolkien (edited by Christopher Tolkien) will be published this May. Entitled “The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún”. The book, which is in narrative verse, is Tolkien’s re-telling of the Norse legend of Sigurd. You can read the full story here.

Pippin’s Picture Parodies and Haldir’s Pretty Pictures Opened!

Haldir’s Pretty Pictures is open for submissions for the first time in four years! This area of the Humor Section is the home of hilariously edited pictures of Middle Earth and its inhabitants. Take a peek at what we have, and start making your own, then submit them here!

Pippin’s Picture Parodies is now officially OPEN! Want to add captions or word bubbles to pictures? Here’s your chance! Make some, and submit them here!

CoE Store- Item of the Month

What better way to bring in the brand new year than with a brand new product for Weta and the CoE Store. For the month of January we will be featuring the Premium Galadriel Figure, brand new from Sideshow collectibles. This figure is made of high quality poly-stone and is dressed in a wonderful reproduction of her costume from Fellowship of the Ring. This piece is hand numbered and is a limited edition of 500. Get yours before they are gone.

Check out all the other great Lord of the Rings items the CoE store has to offer. All purchases made through our store help to support your favorite site.

Happy New Year to all!