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Happy Birthday Sean Astin

Sean Astin was born in Santa Monica, California, USA on 25th February 1971 and celebrates his 38th birthday today. You can see pictures of Sean here, pictures of him in the role of Sam here, and read his cast bio here.

Happy birthday Sean!

Return of the King still going strong

Five years have gone by since The Return of the King’s triumph at the 75th Annual Academy Awards and yet the film is still earning awards for its phenomenal artistry.

In a survey conducted by Yahoo!, The Return of the King was named the “Ultimate Best Picture” Over 700,000 Yahoo! members voted, and the final chapter of the Lord of the Rings trilogy reigned supreme over many other venerable pieces of cinematography, including Coppola’s The Godfather.

You can find out more about the “Ultimate Best Picture,” here.

Mortensen and ‘The Hobbit’

In an interview with, Viggo Mortensen talks about the Hobbit movies, director Guillermo del Toro, and the previous “Lord of the Rings” movies.
In talking about reprising his role as Aragorn, Mortensen says: “I’d rather finish the job myself than have another actor do it,” says Mortensen. “I’m interested in principle, but I’d want to see it done in the right spirit of Tolkien.”
You can read the full story here.

New Hobbit-style park

A new Hobbit-styled park is underway in Plymouth England’s Devenport Park. The £3m park will feature different areas for different ages: “The Highlands will have a playhouse, nest swing and toddlers’ carousel, while the Middlelands will include climbing ropes and a zip-wire.
“A youth pod for chilling out will be based in the Lowlands and a sensory garden will be planted with aromatic plants and herbs for adults. “
You can read more here.

“The Hunt for Gollum” film coming up

The short film “The Hunt for Golllum” will be on free streaming for fans to watch it online. The film release date has been announced for May 3rd, 2009. More info on the official website.