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Two new Hobbit cast members announced.

In today’s Facebook update, Peter Jackson has announced two new cast members for The Hobbit. Dean O’Gorman has replaced Rob Kazinski as Fili and Lee Pace has been cast as Thranduil.

Video Interview of Sir Christopher Lee

Science and Technology writer John Farrel, of, recently interviewed Sir Christopher Lee. In this video segment the veteran actor discusses how and why he became one of earliest actors to set up his own website.

Jackson explains why he is filming at 48 fps

Peter Jackson has posted, on his Facebook page, a brief explanation of the advantages of filming at 48 fps.

AMC Theaters to screen The Lord Of The Rings Extended Editions

According to, selected AMC Theaters will be screening the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Fellowship of the Ring will be screened on June 14th, The Two Towers on the 21st, and The Return of the King oon the 28th.

It’s a good bet that Orlando Bloom will be in the Hobbit.

When asked by MTV News if he would be joining his “LOTR” castmates, in The Hobbit, Orlando Bloom responded with; “I’m going to bet on it”.
Bloom has also admitted to being among the privileged few that have already read the script.

The Hobbit, A Picture Book report

Talented young Illustrator Sam Bosma has been regularly posting images from The Hobbit on a blog at The blog not only displays the illustrations but also gives some of the illustrator’s insights into the creative process.
Even more details of his creative process can be found on Slam Blogsma, the illustrator’s blog on

Jackson and Serkis appear at airshow.

Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis took time off from their busy schedules to appear at The Classic Fighters Omaka Airshow. A classic plane owner himself, Jackson is also the Chairman of the 14-18 Heritage Trust which supplied much of the aircraft displayed at the exhibition. For details see this article in the Sunday Star Times.

Rob Kazinsky no longer to play Fili

Peter Jackson has just let us know via his Facebook Page that Rob Kazinski, who had been cast as Fili, has left the cast of The Hobbit.

Tolkien’s view on resurrection

Today, the Huffington Post‘s Religion column gives us a brief explanation as to why Tolkien , a devout Roman Catholic, was a firm believer in resurrection. The reference to Tolkien comes in the third last paragraph.

Ian Holm confirmed in cast of The Hobbit

Peter Jackson, on his Facebook Page, has just confirmed that Ian Holm has been cast as the older Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit.