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Just wanted to give a heads up — we will be moving the site to another server over the next day or so (I imagine you’ve had enough of downtime, as have we!) So expect some more downtime, or lost data.

Hobbit Cast Joins Ian McKellen for final One Man Show

Click here to read RAFrenzy’s account, and see the video, of the cast joining Sir Ian McKellen onstage for his last One Man Show to raise funds for Christchurch’s Isaac Theatre Royal.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; release dates

The World premiere for The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey will take place in Wellington NZ on Nov 28th. The rest of the world will have to wait at least 2 additional weeks to see the film. For details as to when YOU can get in line to see the movie click here to be taken to […]

Billy Connolly on playing a Dwarf

The Scottish comedian Billy Connolly, cast as Dain Ironfoot in the upcoming Hobbit films, took a short break from filming for a promotional visit to Australia. While being interviewed he made a few clever comments, as only he could make, about playing a dwarf in The Hobbit films. For more details click here to go […]

Peter Jackson, Bret McKenzie honored

As part of New Zealand’s celebration director Peter Jackson, and actor/songwriter Brett McKenzie have been added to the Queen’s Honours List. For more information click here.


Sorry about the downtime, folks. Our hard drive failed, and it took a little while to get a new one installed, and everything carried over from backup. Thanks for your patience!

The Hobbit, production Video #7

Director Peter Jackson has just posted, on his Facebook page, Hobbit Production Video # 7. This 14 minute video blog, a very detailed tour of Stone Street Studio, includes a surprise appearance by one of the main characters of The Lord of The Rings films, and can be seen by clicking here.

The Hobbit now a stage play live in L.A.

Click here for Backstage’s review of writer-director Nathan Makaryk‚Äôs adaptation of ‘The Hobbit’, currently playing at the Maverick Theater.

Trailers released for two new LOTR video games

In order to keep the excitement building for the December release of ‘The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey’, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has just released the trailers for two soon to be released Video Games. Click here to see the trailer for ‘Guardians of Middle-Earth’ and click here to see the trailer for ‘LEGO, The Lord […]