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Hobbit Trilogy now confirmed.

Peter Jackson has just announced that ‘The Hobbit’ will be released as a trilogy. For more info click here for the announcement on Peter Jackson’s Facebook page, and here for further details, from the movie studios, on ‘The Hobbit’ Facebook Page.

Andy Serkis: Martin Freeman Was Unpredictable On The Hobbit

Andy Serkis says Martin Freeman was unpredictable on the set of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ because he always wanted to try his own thing while portraying Bilbo Baggins. See how right here .

The Tolkien Love Story

Tolkien fans in the UK can enjoy a half hour radio program by the novelist Helen Cross that will explore how the teenaged Tolkien fell in love with Edith Bratt when they were both orphans living in an Edgbaston boarding house. Despite being forbidden from seeing her until he had come of age, the pair […]

Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy Becomes Closer to Reality With Talks Underway For Third Film

He already made a trilogy for The Lord of the Rings, but it’s becoming more apparent that filmmaker Peter Jackson — who just wrapped production on a two-part version of The Hobbit — may be returning to The Shire yet again. THR and LA Times both report that talks have begun with the cast the […]

Hobbit Production Video #8

Director Peter Jackson has just posted Hobbit Production Video #8 on his Facebook page. The 14:39 video, which deals with both Comic Con and the last days of filming, can be found here .

New stills from ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’

Monsters and Critics has just posted a number of new stills from ‘The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey`. To see the stills click here and then follow the link in the second sentence.

Could there be a Third Hobbit Movie?

Click here to see Peter Jackson’s response when asked by HitFix whether he was considering splitting the second Hobbit movie into two films; thus turning The Hobbit into a trilogy.

Comic-Con crowd goes crazy for ‘Hobbit’ footage

If reaction to “The Hobbit” footage at Comic-Con is any indication, Peter Jackson has another couple of blockbusters on his hands, Yahoo reports.

New Peter Jackson Hobbit Q&A

Peter Jackson was recently interviewed at Comic Con by reporter Geoff Boucher. To see the brief Q&A interview, in which Jackson starts off by explaining the decision to show the ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ preview in 2-D and at 24 FPS click here.

Hobbit News from Comic Con

Hobbit Fans attending San Diego’s Comic Con are being pleasantly surprised at this year’s event. Click here to see pictures taken of the sixteen 3-D character posters unveiled at the event. and click here to see life-sized statues of three famous brothers that have a run in with Bilbo and the Dwarves..