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Memorial Plaque at Tolkien residence in Leeds

The Tolkien Society is pleased to announce that on Oct. 1st the Leeds Civic Trust will be siting a blue plaque at 2 Darnley Road, West Park, Leeds.  For the details of the event click here.

Site Back Up

Sorry about the strangeness with the site, folks. We somehow lost several days of data, and we had to restore from backup. We may have lost any posts, PMs, etc that you have made in the last day or two, but that should be all that is missing. Sorry! And thanks, for your help […]

First pic of Tauriel, and some gossip

The first available image of Evangeline Lilly as the Elf Tauriel, taken from an action figure package, can be found here, and the little bit of, who may be dating who, gossip can be found  here.

John Rhys-Davies to play the Villain in Beyond the Mask

John Rhys-Davies has officially accepted the role of the villain in Beyond the Mask, Charles Kemp, a powerful entrepreneur in the British East India Company. Beyond the Mask, a Burns Family Studios production, is a period action-adventure currently filming in the Detroit area. You can read the full story here. More about Burns Family Studios […]

Billy Connolly’s surprising comments about reading Tolkien.

The comments of the actor, who is playing Dain Ironfoot in the movies, can be found by clicking here.

New ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ Theatrical Poster released

To see the new poster, featuring Bilbo and Sting, click here. Sept 27th; another theatrical poster, this one featuring the Dwarves, has just been released and can be found here.

New ‘The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey’ trailer released

A brand new movie trailer was just released today with a special feature; this trailer has 5 possible endings and you get to choose which one to watch. To see the brand new ‘The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey’ Trailer choices click here.

New Picture of Radagast released.

USA Today has just released a gallery of eight pictures from ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ including a nice shot of Sylvester McCoy as the Wizard Radagast the Brown. To see the pictures please click here. Update: for a new shot of Bilbo click here.

New ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ trailer to be released.

Peter Jackson has announced the release, on Sept 19, of a new movie trailer as part of the Tolkien Week celebrations. The details can be found  here on the director’s Facebook Page.

Recipes From Middle-earth

As most members of the Council of Elrond know, we have our own Middle-earth cookbook, in the form of Sam’s Recipe Box, found here in our own last Homely House. Now Warner Brothers,  to accompany the Hobbit movies , has recently come out with their own set of recipes, ‘Recipes From Middle-Earth’, which can be […]