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On Being Bifur, Hobbit World Premiere, Goonies Meet The hobbit (humour), Brief Review of the Movie

For an interview with William Kircher, Bogur in the films, click here. For an article on the Premiere of ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journy, click here and for some of the interviews from the Premiere click here. For a humorously altered melding of the Trailers from ‘The Goonies’ and ‘The Hobbit;An Unexpected Journey’here. For a […]

‘Hobbit’ offers more ‘sophisticated’ Gollum, Peter Jackson says; Jackson’s girl a red carpet stunner; ‘Being Tolkien’s grandson blocked my writing …’; Which books could lure a 13-year-old boy from his Xbox?

When “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” opens in theaters Dec. 14, audiences will see a more intricately rendered Gollum. Read about it here. The wide-eyed child from The Lord of the Rings has blossomed into a red carpet talking point. You too can talk about it here. Simon Tolkien was always close to his famous […]

Hobbit will live up to expectations, says Sir Ian McKellen and Hobbit emerges from hole in the ground

Sir Ian McKellen – Gandalf in the the Lord of the Rings film trilogy – tells Channel 4 News Culture Editor Matthew Cain that the Hobbit, which has its world premiere today, will not disappoint. Check out the video here. For fans of The Lord of the Rings, Elvish is almost back in the building. […]

Bored of the Rings Giveaway Winners

The following members have won the book giveaway: squeryk, Aranel Amarie, Silver_Elf, revela taylor, Solar_Flare, LinweSingollo, Tuilinnel, Riniel_Tasardur, Eusonia, Nifredil I will be contacting each of you over email to get your mailing info. Thank you for entering!

Hobbit Production Video # 9 now available.

Director Peter Jackson has just posted Production Video # 9 on his Facebook Page. To see the video click here.

More Tolkien News : Watch ‘The Hobbit’ Come to Life From 2,600 Balloons; J.R.R.Tolkien: The Man Who Created ‘The Hobbit’ And ‘The Lord Of The Rings; A Tolkien Cookbook

J.R.R. Tolkien or John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, if you prefer his full name, was much more than a quaint Professor of Anglo Saxon at a stuffy English university with three initials for a first name.Read more here Love The Lord of the Rings and balloons? Not as much as this man does. Ringers with a […]

Book Giveaway: Bored of the Rings

The recently re-published BORED OF THE RINGS by the Harvard Lampoon, the classic parody of The Lord of the Rings, is now back in print with a brand-new “boreword” by Henry Beard. We’ve been given 10 copies of the book to give away to our users — are you feeling lucky? To enter, please post […]

‘Lord of the Rings’ volcano erupts in New Zealand

A New Zealand volcano used as a backdrop to “The Lord of the Rings” films erupted on Wednesday, spewing a column of ash three kilometres (1.9 miles) above the North Island, scientists said. For details on the eruption click here.

More Background on the Tolkien Estate Lawsuit

Erick Wecks of Wired gives a pretty good explanation of the lawsuit filed by The Tolkien Estate against Warner Brothers and its subsidiaries. The article can be found here.

Lembas for the Soul – Book Giveaway

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Catherine Kohman is giving away three copies of the brand new Kindle edition of Lembas for the Soul: How The Lord of the Rings Enriches Everyday Life. To enter, please send an email to Winners will be drawn from the first 100 emails.