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Tiny Hobbit Bilbo Baggins is running circles around some of the biggest names in Hollywood for a second weekend. To see how click here and to see which movie, on Christmas day, finally knocked ‘The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey’ out of first place click here.

For another discussion of the merits of HFR filming at 48 FPS click  here.

For a ‘Middle-earth’ tourist’s look at New Zealand’s South Island click  here.

Ian McKellen discusses reprising Gandalf  here and Andy Serkis discusses reprising Gollum  here.

To see how kids react to ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected journey’ click here.

Click here to find out how much sleep Peter Jackson gets when he’s filming.

SPOILER ALERT! If you want to find out what happened to Gandalf’s back story and other information available in the ‘Return Of The King’ Apendices click here.

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