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Weta Returns to Middle-earth.

For the ‘FX Guide’ highly informative article detailing WETA’s work on ‘The Hobbit’ click here. ( thanks to Rivka for this article )

Dec 15 update; Forty questions about ‘The Hobbit’, Box-Office Predictions, Other Tolkien adaptations? and More on Andy as Gollum.

For 40 questions that test your knowledge of ‘The Hobbit’ click here. To read about the opening weekend box-office predictions for ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ click here. For some suggestions as to what other Tolkien works should be adapted to the big screen click here. For more on Andy Serkis as Gollum click here.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Video 10

Click here to be taken to Peter Jackson’s Facebook page to see the new video, which focuses on the New Zealand Premiere of ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ ( there’s lots more of today’s news to be posted after I get home from the local premiere – in 3D and 48FPS!!)

Dec 14. News; The 1977 Hobbit movie; 19 Changes in ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’ Stephen Hunter on playing Bombur, A Hobbit Musical Parody, And a Royd Tolkien interview

For a look back at the 1977 Rankin/Bass version of ‘The Hobbit` click here. -CAUTION_SPOILER ALERT- To read about 19 Changes between J.R.R. Tolkien’s Novel and Peter Jackson’s Movie click here. For a Stephen Hunter interview about playing Bombur click here. For a humorous musical parody based on the song ‘One Thing’ click here. For […]

A Video Tour of Jef Murray’s studio

Renowned Tolkien fan and  artist Jef Murray has just posted the first ever brief tour of the studio where he creates his magic.  To watch the tour video click here and to visit the  website of Jef Murray Studios click here.

Today’s Hobbit news; A Pennsylvania Hobbit House, What Would Bag End be Worth?, and Lots More !

To see the incredible ‘Hobbit House’ built by a devout fan to house his collection, click here for a video look and click here for a detailed article with plenty of pictures. To get an idea of what Bag End would be worth today, click here. For a detailed review of the Movie, click here. […]

Todays’s News Roundup; First Night Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; OPINION- Kill the ‘Hobbit’ subsidies; Sir Ian McKellen Has Prostate Cancer; Andy Serkis plays dual role in “Hobbit”; Ancient ‘Hobbit’ Revealed; Best Adapted Screenplays of 2012; McKellen defends Peter Jackson

Click here for The Independent’s review of ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey’. Click here to read an opinion piece on why government subsidies for Movie productions need to end. Click here to learn about how Sir Ian Mckellen has opened up about his prostate cancer fight. Click here to read about Andy Serkis’ dual role […]

Dec 9th News- 10 Things You Need to Know, Joe Letteri and Richard Armitage videos, Hobbit Filming ‘Tricks’, and 60 Pics from the Movie.

Ten things you need to know before seeing ‘The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey can be found here. A Wall Street Journal video of Joe Letteri discussing the Visual effects involved in bringing Gollum to the screen and Richard Armitage discu8ssing his transformation into Thorin Oakenshield can be found here. An article summarizing some of the […]

Gandalf Speaks, Middle Earth Magic is Back, Guillermo Del Toro, Like Heaven’s Gate, Why Didn’t Lord of the Rings Series Fail?

A film based on “The Hobbit” has been on the cards since “The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy. Did you ever think it would actually happen? This was the first question put to Ian McKellin here . As unthinkable as it is, it has now been nearly a decade since moviegoers have visited JRR Tolkien’s […]

Link to Tolkien’s History found in Graveyard

Click here to read about the importance of the rediscovery, in Newcastle, of the grave of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Aunt Grace