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Today, Jan 3rd, 2013 would be J. R. R. Tolkien’s 121st birthday, so we’ll start this news roundup with an explanation, from The Tolkien Society, on the proper way to celebrate with a birthday toast. The explanation can be found here.

For Tolkien’s birthday The Christian Science Monitor decided to post 10 important quotes from his books. The quotes can be found here.

Now, for a little bit of humor click here for the video;”Fellowship of the Ringwraiths’ and here for an article about the video.

Click here for an article about a ten year old asking an obvious question concerning the movie.

For an article about reviewers forgetting the importance of fairy tales click here.

For an article about Peter Jackson paying tribute to sound editor Mike Hopkins, who recently passed away, in a rafting accident, click here.

For an article explaining how Tolkien’s world influenced his writing click here and for a discussion of possible Christian themes in The Hobbit’ click here.

Peter Jackson always makes a cameo appearance in his films. In his most recent movie his cameo was dificult to spot as he was made up as a Dwarf in a crowd of Dwarves. To see the cameo, click here.

For a story about a rumored, but unlikely to be built, Hobbit Theme Park, click here.

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