For details about an infographic that summarizes the characteristics of many of the races found in ‘The Hobbit’, click here.

Warner Bros. has countered The Tolkien Estates copyright lawsuit by filing their own coutersuit. For two looks at the legal wranglings click here and here.

Peter Jackson is about to host a live sneak peak at `The Hobbit; The Desolaation of Smaug`, but there is a catch. To get the special code that will allow you to log in for the live event you must first purchase the Blu-Ray Combo Pack, Blu-Ray 3-D Combo Pack or 2-Disc DVD Special Edition of `The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey`. Further details can be found here.

Curious as the the actual value of Bag End as Real Estate? For a breakdown of Bag End’s listing price if it was located in Tolkien’s favorite county click here.

For Richard Armitage’s views on Peter Jackson and his role as Thorin in ‘The Hobbit’ click here.

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