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End of August News Update;

Click here to read why PJ is unlikely to direct a ‘Dr. Who’ episode at any time in the near future. Details on the ‘Festival In the Shire’ exhibition can be found here. To view Brotherhood Workshop’s detailed re-creation of the ‘Desolation of Smaug’ trailer using Lego(R) blocks and characters just click here. Click here […]

How to read ‘The Silmarillion’ (and Why)

Io9’s contributor Gibbelins has written a very interesting essay explaining how, and why, to read “the Silmarillion. The essay can be found here.

Peter Jackson to direct a `Dr. Who` Episode.

To read about the unusual fee that PJ will receive for directing the episode, click here.

Evangeline Lllly Speaks to Fans.

Click here to listen to the comments from the actress, who plays the Elf, Tauriel, in `The Hobbit` trilogy of films.

Howard Shore nominated for Soundtrack Award.

Details of his nomination, recognition for the soundtrack of ‘ The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey,’ can be found here.

Peter Jackson Receives Broadcasters Award

The director of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” will receive the IBC’s highest honor. Details can be found here.

Chicago Symphony joins in LOTR fundraiser to help kids with cancer

At next weekend’s ‘Ravinia Festival’ fans of “The Lord of the Rings” can watch ‘The Two Towers’ while the Chicago Symphony simultaneously plays the score. Details can be found here.

First Shot of Beorn?

A possible first picture of Peter Jackson’s version of Beorn has recently been posted. Although the site that originally posted the shot has been asked to remove it, the picture can still be found here. If this is a legitimate sneak peek, what do you think of this depiction of Beorn ? Please note that […]