Each month, we are going to present one selected poem or story from our fanfiction archive. We’d love to encourage our members to not only write fanfic, but also to read and review fellow fans’ work.
The selected fic for April is a hilarious parody called ‘Tattoo artists’ by Lillianpost, inspired by the Hobbit movies.

It is almost never spoken of, but Thorin Oakenshield, supremely majestic King Under the Mountain, and his good friend, Dwalin, a fearsome dwarf lord in his own right, have identical tattoos of the Lonely Mountain inked between their shoulder blades. Very few know of their existence, even fewer know of the reason why they have them, and only two know the whole story—but they’ll never tell.

Want to learn the full funny story? Check it out here in our Fanfiction section!

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