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10 ‘Hobbit’ actors appearing on television this year

For those fans that like to keep track of what the actors from the ‘Hobbit’ trilogy are now doing, you can click here to be taken to EW’s list of the interesting televison roles being taken on by ten of them.

Review of the newly released Blu-ray

I’m sure that everyone is aware that ‘The Hobbit; The Battle of the Five Armies’ DVD edition was released yesterday and the Blu-ray was released today. Click here for a Stars Entertainment review of the Blu-ray edition.

Fanfiction of the Month: March

The pick for March is a what-if story set shortly after the events of The Hobbit movies. What would Kíli the Dwarf’s life be like if he had survived the Battle of Five Armies? This work-in-progress fic presents a fairly realistic take on this scenario, and as a bonus, blends in what little information Tolkien […]