The pick for March is a what-if story set shortly after the events of The Hobbit movies. What would Kíli the Dwarf’s life be like if he had survived the Battle of Five Armies? This work-in-progress fic presents a fairly realistic take on this scenario, and as a bonus, blends in what little information Tolkien himself left us on the other Dwarf houses. Let me present: A Song for Heart and Soul by rabbit.writer. Excerpt:

Dáin had explained that things did not look so good for the young king – at least, not in relation to his royal career. There were doubts about his youth – many had wondered if Dáin should have been appointed regent until Kíli had “matured”. The young king was called into question over his appearance and he himself had heard the whispers of “no-beard” or “the beardless king” as he walked the halls of his ravaged mountain.

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