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The Steward of Middle-earth

Christopher Tolkien, at the age of 94, has now finished his work as the editor of his fathers work. Last year he resigned as Director of The Tolkien Estate and it has been announced the ‘The Fall of Gondolin’ is the last work he will edit. Hanna Long has written a wonderful article on the […]

Ian McKellen celebrates his 80th birthday with an 80 date tour.

Raising money for regional theatre and other causes, the tour will have 80 dates from London to the Orkneys. The show starts with Gandalf and might end with members of the audience joining in. Read more here.

Corey Smith worries about new Amazon series.

In an article about the upcoming Amazon Middle Earth TV series, Corey Smith expresses his reservations and hopes. Can and will it remain true to Tolkien’s themes?

Glitches and Gremlins

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