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Isildur, a novel (in Fanfiction)

to comfortably touch and took all relief even from the few shadows. The Elves stood sentry duty, standing tall and dark against the orange sky, wrapped in their long grey…

Shadow and Thought (in Fanfiction)

…you how to conduct your marriage, I suggest that you talk to your lady. It is better not to surmise what others think, especially women. Arwen never fails to surprise…

Herbs and Stewed Rabbits (in Fanfiction)

…attention. Long enough for him to help the hobbits further into the forest and away from danger. Feeling around the immediate area with his hand, not daring to move to

Chapter 10 (in Fanfiction)

…urgency was greater, because it was moving towards them. There was nowhere to conceal themselves from the threat tonight. “Mr Frodo, come on,” Sam urged, trying not to get too…

LotR4: Attack of the Spammers (in Fanfiction)

…is ready to embark on another long day of walking to Mount Doom, which, to their bitter disappointment, has still failed to appear on the horizon. After an hour or…

Guardian of the Golden Wood (in Fanfiction)

to mess up his own business or teach him lessons on what to to on his fences! Although he could abide with a good piece of advice or two from

A Hunt In The Woods (in Fanfiction)

…folk there keep to themselves,” Elladan replied, “They do not even come uphill to hunt.” Herendil nodded, “I have heard some of their folk do not take too kindly to

The Forgotten Hobbit (in Fanfiction)

…he bundled Estella and unbeknownst to him, Babe, into it and carried it to the tower’s roof. To Estella and Babe the wait within the sack seemed endless. No light…

No Home Here (in Fanfiction)

…in an attempt to push whatever was directly next to him off, but found that his arms were shaking too badly to be of much help to anyone, especially himself….

The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition (in Subject Articles)

…down from the carriage, and into the tent beside it. Merry takes a bite from an apple trying to look inconspicious and follows Pippin into the tent.) (Bilbo shakes more…