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Isildur, a novel (in Fanfiction)

…parade. From somewhere in the ranks a deep baritone voice burst into song and soon others joined in, blending their voices of many lands in an ancient song of homecoming….

Shadow and Thought (in Fanfiction)

…nightmare; his whole body throbbed with pain, varying in intensity according to where he was being prodded. He had often been wounded in battle but this pain was far worst….

Gelireths’ Destiny (in Fanfiction)

find the trail. We even split up into small groups to continue looking, but we were unable to find any sign of her or the people who took her captive.”…

Edraith’s Heart (in Fanfiction)

How could they be together? His home was in Brethil, hers in Nuath. It was late evening when Edraith walked into the house. He saw Celebaen sitting in the chair…


…this direction,” Strider informed Sam, pointing to the tracks that had lead him to that choice and hoping to begin to show the hobbit some basic tracking skills. “By looking…

Silver Leaves (in Fanfiction)

…late into the night. Standing under the trees, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “To think I get to wake up to that everyday for the rest…

Herbs and Stewed Rabbits (in Fanfiction)

…Merry nodded at StriderÂ’s warning and turned his attention back to Frodo just in time to see his cousin begin to limply fall to the ground in search of rest….

Epilogue (in Fanfiction)

…the portal openedÂ… all of Kenshin’s friends and comrades-in-arms, save Sojiro, prepared to depart Middle-EarthÂ… never to returnÂ… – – – “Sir Radagast, Sir Gandalf,” Kenshin said to the wizards,…

LotR4: Attack of the Spammers (in Fanfiction)

finds himself standing at the end of the mountain path, in the entrance of a passage cut into the mountain, and, not too far in, at the end of the…

Forest for the Trees (in Fanfiction)

…familiar face. “Captain Telrúnya!” The Captain turned to the Prince, came closer and bowed. “I am gladdened to see you well, your highness.” “How did you find us?” asked Aragorn….