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Isildur, a novel (in Fanfiction)

…Death is called the Gift of Man. Then Fëanor the Elvensmith created the Silmarilli, The Great Jewels of Light. And Melkor coveted them and seized them for himself. Then was…

Shadow and Thought (in Fanfiction)

the constant reminders on his flesh. He then instructed a page to wait outside the rooms to send Faramir to the bathing chamber once he arrived. Going to the chest…

No Home Here (in Fanfiction)

…as they had been for the past several days. All they needed was a nod from whoever Sam was for them to be on their way to the next town….

LotR4: Attack of the Spammers (in Fanfiction)

…full three-quarters of an hour when Gandalf, driven to the edge of insanity, is about to give in. The hobbits sense his weakness and quickly switch to “This is the

The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition (in Subject Articles)

…of the King, took up his father’s sword. (Isildur grabs the hilt of Narsil, but Sauron stomps on it, shattering the blade. Sauron reaches down towards Isildur with the hand…

Something Scary (in Fanfiction)

…A grey horse runs out. FRODO climbs onto the HORSE. the HORSE climbs onto ARWEN. They run off into the woods. STRIDER, the HOBBITS, BILL THE PONY and the POT…

Herbs and Stewed Rabbits (in Fanfiction)

…familiarity of the terrain as they walked. True to his word, Strider called the group to stop for the evening after 5 miles. The sky had already begun to grow…

The Two Towers Extended Edition (in Subject Articles)

…Edoras. Aragorn bows to Théoden. Théoden turns around and looks at the people from the hall.) Théoden: Where is Théodred? Where is my son? (Théodred’s body is brought to the

Guardian of the Golden Wood (in Fanfiction)

…from his body. Her head against his heart, he willed her to listen to its strong, regular beating. The Willow and the Oak! Thus had Melian the Maia named them,…

A Hunt In The Woods (in Fanfiction)

…marked his face then had eased today. He entered the room he had spent most of the last few days in, and went over to his foster son’s bed. The