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Isildur, a novel (in Fanfiction)

…pretends to speak for his Emperor Herumor, his thoughts and his speech are but the will of the Dark Lord. “I warned Romach against his threats, but Romach is grown…

Shadow and Thought (in Fanfiction)

…at the rough treatment. Aragorn was dragged to his knees and felt the cold steel against his flesh as his tunic was slit and his back was bared. “Pleased to

Herbs and Stewed Rabbits (in Fanfiction)

…favour?” Frodo began, standing so that his posture was slightly awkward and tired looking. His lowered his head to his chest a little as he spoke, allowing his hair to

LotR4: Attack of the Spammers (in Fanfiction)

…full three-quarters of an hour when Gandalf, driven to the edge of insanity, is about to give in. The hobbits sense his weakness and quickly switch to “This is the…

Guardian of the Golden Wood (in Fanfiction)

to mess up his own business or teach him lessons on what to to on his fences! Although he could abide with a good piece of advice or two from

A Hunt In The Woods (in Fanfiction)

…crept back into his body, his aches and pains made their presence felt, his head throbbed mercilessly, his shoulders ached, his back ached, in fact every part of his body…

The Forgotten Hobbit (in Fanfiction)

is,” she added. To her delight, the two young Hobbits seemed to believe her. Then, to her horror, they offered to show her the way and go with her, in…

Chapter 10 (in Fanfiction)

to prevent a cry of pain from alerting the Black Rider to their direction of travel. Regaining his balance, Frodo attempted to increased his speed again, only to have the…

No Home Here (in Fanfiction)

…opened his mouth, Elladan motioned to his twin to cover his ears, which Elrohir thankfully consented to. “Ay, Garren, get down here!” Came another roar. When the teenager glanced over…

Something Scary (in Fanfiction)

…time to meet people, isn’t it? Or is the title for this chapter all wrong?” SCENE FADES TO BLACK NEW SCENE: FRODO is talking to BILBO in a modest hallway….