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Fanfiction of the Month: March

The pick for March is a what-if story set shortly after the events of The Hobbit movies. What would Kíli the Dwarf’s life be like if he had survived the Battle of Five Armies? This work-in-progress fic presents a fairly realistic take on this scenario, and as a bonus, blends in what little information Tolkien himself left us on the other Dwarf houses. Let me present: A Song for Heart and Soul by rabbit.writer. Excerpt:

Dáin had explained that things did not look so good for the young king – at least, not in relation to his royal career. There were doubts about his youth – many had wondered if Dáin should have been appointed regent until Kíli had “matured”. The young king was called into question over his appearance and he himself had heard the whispers of “no-beard” or “the beardless king” as he walked the halls of his ravaged mountain.

If you read it and like it, don’t forget to show your appreciation to the author in the form of a review.

Fanfiction of the Month – January

The newest story in the LotR Book category is a bittersweet oneshot. Ever thought about what could be running through Legolas’ mind as he said his final goodbye to Aragorn, and as he prepared to sail West? Hope Ends by EldarExilePrincess is a really good take on those moments; make sure to check it out, and leave the author a review.

Oscar Nominations – 2015

Brent Burge and Jason Canovas have been nominated in the Sound Editing category for their work on The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies. You can view the full list of nominations here .

Fanfiction of the Month: September

Busy at school or work, and eager to lift your mood reading a fun story? We have just the thing for you: Lillianpost‘s humorous, Hobbit movie themed submisssion What The Heck Is On Radagast’s Face?. And this is how it goes…
“So he’s a guardian of Middle-earth is he?” Fili muttered with distaste. “What part does this old fool look after? The swamps?”
Kili shrugged.
“I suppose all parts need watching.”
“Keeps the frogs in line, does he?” Fili whispered back.
“Hush!” Bilbo said with a sharp elbow in Fili’s side. “At least he’s not here to hurt us. That’s something.”
“But not much,” Nori countered. “No wonder he lives out of sight.”

Click the fic’s name to read more, and let the author know your thoughts.

Fanfiction of the Month: June

Our June choice is wintery. In fact, so wintery it will make you glad it’s summer. It tells of how during the Fell Winter when Bilbo was but a youth, Gandalf met the hobbits for the first time.
“Gandalf now took the time to look at the sick one. “Hammie” the others had called him. He appeared much slighter and younger than the other two. He was alarmingly still, and for an instant, Gandalf thought his spirit had already departed. But he gravely inspected the small form. “His breathing is laboured; I am no healer, but I very much fear lung sickness…”

The other two nodded sadly. “So do we,” said Flambard. “Poor Hammie! He’s so young…” “

Will the young hobbit make it? Click right here to be taken to dreamflower02’s story Pity.

Fanfiction of the Month: May

Our May choice is a story from the Silmarillion category: A Brother’s Oath – Finrod and Aegnor by Lalaith_Elerrina. This bittersweet piece is based on the only canon romantic relationship between an Elf and a mortal woman to be found in Tolkien’s works.

“She never wed, Aegnor,” Finrod spoke softly.
Aegnor shuddered softly at this, and his head drooped. “You speak those words as if they would bring me comfort, Finrod,” he muttered. “They do not. I wish that she had wed another. That her heart had moved beyond me, and she had learned to love again.”

Want to learn more? Check it out here. – and if you like, feel free to review! 🙂

Orlando Bloom receives a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

On April 2, 2014), Orlando Bloom, our Legolas, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Cheers, Orlando! Click here for more information

Fanfiction of the Month

Each month, we are going to present one selected poem or story from our fanfiction archive. We’d love to encourage our members to not only write fanfic, but also to read and review fellow fans’ work.
The selected fic for April is a hilarious parody called ‘Tattoo artists’ by Lillianpost, inspired by the Hobbit movies.

It is almost never spoken of, but Thorin Oakenshield, supremely majestic King Under the Mountain, and his good friend, Dwalin, a fearsome dwarf lord in his own right, have identical tattoos of the Lonely Mountain inked between their shoulder blades. Very few know of their existence, even fewer know of the reason why they have them, and only two know the whole story—but they’ll never tell.

Want to learn the full funny story? Check it out here in our Fanfiction section!

Hobbit News catch-up; Stamps, Motion Capture pics, PJ`s plans, Hobbit figure collectors unhappy, Cinematography Award, new vinyl figures, and PJ uuse of del Toro`s vison of the films

To get a look at New Zealand’s ‘Hobbit’ commemorative stamps and coins, click here.

For a behind the scenes look at Benedict Cumberbatch doing some motion capture work playing Smaug, click here.

Click here to read about Director Peter Jackson`s future plans.

Click here to find out why many Hobbit action figure collectors are unhappy with some of Bridge Direct`s recent roll-out decisions.

Andrew Lesnie, the cinematographer of both the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies has just won another award to place alongside his Academy Award. For more information click here.

Click here for a look at Funko`s new POP! Vinyl Figures for `The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug`.

Director Peter Jackson recently discussed incorporating Guillermo del Toros designs and plans when filming The Hobbit. The discussion, which also includes more of the director`s thoughts about filming at 48 FPS can be found here.

(News submitted by Rivka, PotbellyHairyfoot and BerethEdhellen)

WETA Digital up for Hollywood Post Production Award

For the work done on Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, WETA Digital has been nominated for the `Outstanding Visual Effects` award. More information can be found here.