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Search On For Extras With A Bit Extra

Calling all weirdos. The new Amazon series is short of ‘interesting’ people to play baddies. Read more here.

Tom Shippey Joins The Amazon Prime Team

Tom Shippey and John Howe are on board the Amazon Prime bus, according to the lotronprime trailer.
Tom Shippey gives an interview here describing what they can and cannot do in the story. There will be twenty episodes in the first series.

Back to Middle Earth

It looks like the Secondary World will be going home to New Zealand. The new Amazon TV production will be based at Queenstown. More here.

Amazon Prime Middle Earth map.

Amazon’s new Middle earth series is to be set in the Second Age, if this map is anything to go by. Will we meet Elrond again? And Galadriel and Celeborn?

Middle-Earth in Scotland?

Amazon has been scouting locations in Scotland to use in their upcoming TV prequel to LOTR. There are plenty of lochs and mountains but it’s not New Zealand. Read more here.

Ian McKellen celebrates his 80th birthday with an 80 date tour.

Raising money for regional theatre and other causes, the tour will have 80 dates from London to the Orkneys. The show starts with Gandalf and might end with members of the audience joining in. Read more here.

The 33 Greatest Movie Trilogies

Empire Magazine has just published its list of the 33 top movie trilogies of all time. To read the article and learn whether any of Peter Jackson’s Tolkien trilogies made the list you just need to click here .

For the Gamers, Shadow of Mordor Edited Into Feature Length Film.

You Tube user Andy Gilleand has recently edited a 2 1/2 hour film from Monolith Productions Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. For more information and a link to the film, just click here .

Review of the newly released Blu-ray

I’m sure that everyone is aware that ‘The Hobbit; The Battle of the Five Armies’ DVD edition was released yesterday and the Blu-ray was released today.
Click here for a Stars Entertainment review of the Blu-ray edition.

Hobbit trilogy nears $3 Billion in sales and it seems that no-one cares.

Details of the FORBES article delineating the financial success of the Trilogy can be found here .