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Sorry about the downtime, folks. Our hard drive failed, and it took a little while to get a new one installed, and everything carried over from backup. Thanks for your patience!

CoE Seeking Several New Staff Members

We have some empty staff positions that need to be filled. If you’re interested in being the Humor Admin, the Last Homely House Admin, or the Themes Admin, please read more about it here.

Welcome to the New CoE!

Well met, old friends and new! As you can see, there has been quite a change on the site. If you come across any problems or have any issues, please post them in the forum here.

If you are having issues logging in, please contact [email protected]

Sir Ian buys a pub and mentions a Christmas filming break

Malware Warnings

Realm Parties!

New Section in Multimedia!

You can also create and submit your own banners here.

New Additions to the CoE Store

Come join the Realm Parties!

CoE’s New Chatbar