Contributing Members

To help offset our monthly server costs, CoE is instituting a Contributing Member policy. You do not have to donate money to be a full member of the site. But those who do donate will gain a few extra privileges.

If you donate $15 for the year, you will gain the following:

– one year of access to the user theming area
– removal of ads in the footer
– set title of “Council Contributor” (will not overwrite any special titles you may have already earned through points)
– two green stars, rather than the regular one gold star under your avatar
– name on the Wall of Contributing Members
– extra space in your member website

To donate your $15, you can pay through Paypal, or send your money through the mail to:

Rebecca Smallwood
P.O. Box 3401
Tustin, CA 92781-3401

Please make sure you include your CoE username with your payment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you implementing this?

Our monthly server costs are over $300. This is coming out of my (Rivka’s) pocket every month. To be frank, this is rather expensive! I don’t want to have to shut this site down for lack of funds. And I’d like for you to be getting something in return for your $15, which is why I built the user theming area.

I don’t think it’s fair that I should have to pay $15 to be able to use the user theming area.

The user theming area is not a necessary area of the site. It’s not informative Tolkien content. It’s just a fun thing to do or use. And really — is $15 that much to help keep one of your favorite sites up and running?

I just want the user theming area turned on when I donate. I don’t want all that other stuff.

Sorry, I can’t control what I can and can’t turn on when someone donates. You either get it all or none. If for some reason you want to donate, but don’t want access to any of this stuff, please be sure to indicate that with your donation.

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