Welcome to the Council of Elrond’s Fanfiction section. You will find here stories based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s books and New Line Cinema’s LotR films; stories submitted by our members, as well as some stories sought out by the staff for inclusion in this archive. We hope you enjoy this section of our site!

PLEASE NOTE: You read stories in here at your own risk – you may find some stories that are not suitable for younger viewers, so take any warnings seriously. Additionally, you may find some slash (i.e. same-sex) pairings in our archive. If you want to avoid those kinds of stories, don’t click on any that contain the word ‘slash’ in the summary or genre.

For fan fiction related discussion, help, and information about submission backlogs, visit The Fanfiction Forum.

The admin overseeing this section is ~nólemë~ (Fan Creations Admin). If you have any questions, problems, or requests (such as to add a character to the character list), please contact her.

Please note: At present, editing published fanfics can only be done by the admin.

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