TT: Total Tolkien;

In this forum all of the RPs use Tolkien’s published writings as a guideline. This means none of the Rps in this forum should make anything happen to the Fellowship during the parts written about in LotR that will in any way effect outcome or interactions.

The sorts of things that do not happen in TT RP threads:

Legolas does not marry Eowyn.

Neither Meriadoc nor Peregrin die at the Uruk- Hai’s hands on the way to Saruman.

Elves do not have random magical powers.

There are no Unicorns, griffins (by any spelling) Pegesi, Vampires of the contemporary form (read the Silmarillion to find details of the only vampiric creature mentioned in Tolkien)

What can happen in a TT RP thread:

History filling and fitting in blank portions of what Aragorn did between his time in Gondor and his joining the fellowship.

Arwen’s childhood

A perspective of a dwarf inside the Lonely Mountain the day Smog came and claimed it.

These are just examples, of course. Tolkien’s world is vast, so even abiding by the specific ideas he set up there are a plethora of options.

TR: Tolkien Related;

Here there is more leeway. If you want your elf to have special powers of construction or healing, this is probably where he/she belongs. Or if your Halflings found a basilisk egg, again here is where one belongs.

In this forum also belong all movie based rps, since the other forum is Total Tolkien, not Total Tolkien and Jackson .

If you are dealing with places or things that are specifically mentioned _not_ to have happened existed in Tolkien’s written works, or just want a little more imaginative room, this is where your RP should be.

What does not happen in TR;

Random Anime or other genre Role play that is only thinly based in Middle- earth. Such as the entire cast of Buffy, just happening to live in a town named Dale. Tolkien related means 98% Tolkien, the rest whatever you want. Not, please, the other way ’round. This is after all first and foremost a Tolkien site. There are many great role play sites out there with far less strict ratings and content guidelines.

For Role Plays on all subjects Non- Tolkien we recommend our sister site Monkeygames

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