Whenever you submit here, you MUST use the name exactly as you registered and use it on CoE, so if we need to PM you we can.

Recipes  are NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED, due to the large volume of recipes which we already have. Thank you to all who have shared their wonderful recipes. I will put up a notice here when it is open again. 🙂

With the The Hobbit films this would be a great time to “think Hobbit” with your submissions.

Submissions for all categories of The Last Homely House are very much welcomed and encouraged. Ideas on decorating your living space in the various themes of Middle Earth, gardening, and costume-making are but a few creative examples as you can see. Should you have an original idea on making an aspect of our surroundings more Tolkienesque, by all means please share!

When submitting your article, please adhere to the following guidelines:

~ First of all, plagiarism will not be tolerated. All articles must be original and written by you, including recipes. Written permission is required from copyright owners should you use images, or any elements of an article taken verbatim from the internet or published sources. If the article source is from the internet, a link to the website must be provided.

~ Text for articles must be sent via the Submissions link on the Last Homely House index page.

Please be sure to include your name as it is registered and used on CoE, as several articles have been submitted without the author’s name on them. If your name is not included in the article, the article cannot be published nor any points awarded for it.

Make sure all links within the article are complete and working.

~ Also – very important – if you want to format your article yourself – please use HTML < > code only. BBCode [ ] does not work in the submissions link. If your article is submitted with BBCode, you will be requested to submit it again – either with HTML coding or none. I am always happy to format your article for you if that is your preference.

~ Images … if possible, please type in the urls to the images within the article, placed where images should go. The urls can then be edited out and replaced with the images. Otherwise you can PM photos / graphics to morwenna. Images need to be in either gif or jpg format only. Please keep images to no larger than 500×500 pixels.

~ Please check your submission for typos, spelling, grammatical, and other errors. Submissions requiring too much editing may not be accepted, depending on how much time is available to proofread and edit.

~ If you submitted an article a while ago and it is not up yet, this could be for one of the following reasons:

  • The LHH Admin is simply busy, though is trying her best to get to it as soon as possible; or
  • You did not put your name on the article. If you think that this could be the case, please PM morwenna and let her know which article is yours.

A PM will be sent to let you know whether or not your article was accepted (and reason for declining article if applicable). This means you must provide the name you registered and use on CoE.

~ Please submit articles on original subjects. Many submitted articles about decorating your room in an Elvish style have been declined, because there are already many articles on this topic. Before you write your article, please check to see if there are any existing ones of a similar topic. The more original your submission, the more likely it will be accepted.

Again, you must obtain permission to use images from other sites (if they require this – which most do. Please check their guidelines).

Or you could also include images from our own CoE Gallery for general ideas (ie decor from a certain area in Middle-earth, costumes, etc).

Thank you for sharing your creative inspiration with The Last Homely House at The Council of Elrond!

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