Many thanks to the websites listed below who have kindly let us use artwork and articles; also, click on some links for more information about Gardening, Garb, Music and more!

Alley Cat Scratch has a wealth of information about the LotR movies costumes and accessories.

AOK Corrall has a wealth of information on craft projects including how to cross stitch and create your own cross stitch pictures.

Aon Celtic Art.

Apprentice Armorer’s Illustrated Handbook is a clear and detailed guide to making your own chain mail.

Arwen’s Closet.

BBC Decorating.

Blind Guardian.

Dreamweaver Braiding.

Dressy Tresses Hair-styles and Accessories.

Drew Ivan’s Celtic Page.

At Entropy House there are instructions on making a Mallorn leaf wrapper and arrows.

Maxbeer’s article on Middle-earth beer includes a recipe for Barliman’s Best.

Organic Gardening Tips.

Parma Endorion: Essays on Middle-earth by Michael Martinez. Available from: Free

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