All of the costumes were made by my husband on a regular domestic sewing maching, (except for the Hobbit costume in the very 1st photo).

This was my first gown, made with Butterick pattern # 3552:

CJ and I First Middle-earth Birthday Party

Glamour shot of my first Elven gown

The White Gown was inspired by the scene in the EE of the Fellowship, where Gildor Inglorion and his Elves were observed by Frodo and Sam at Woody End. I wore it for a Costume Contest when the LOTR Exhibit came to Houston Texas.

This was made with Burda pattern # 2484:

Me before the Argonath

Museum of Natural History, Houston, LotR Exhibit

More gowns on next page …

Arwen’s Blood Red Gown
Made with Simplicity pattern # 4940

Green Gondorian Gown
Made with Simplicity pattern # 7756

~ ArwenLegolas

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