Hi Everyone!! Mae-govannen (for our elven friends)

Ever notice the Marble-like or Stone-like texture of the walls in Rivendell? Well now you can achieve that wonderful “Elvish” stone effect in your own home!

Behr paint now has textured paints! These textured paints can be tinted to whatever color you need. (just like regular paints) When I saw these paints today while I was with my dad at Home Depot, I decided to investigate. And what I found out was that the Venetian Plaster textured paint is the closest in comparison to the Rivendell walls. And the texture is subtle enough that it gives it the “old world” look.

This is really great if you’re looking for that subtle marble-esque type look and are thinking about redecorating you living room or bedroom with an Elven theme in mind.

There are special instructions on how to apply this great new paint to the walls in your home and if you decide that this paint is for you, there are pamphlets that show you step by step instructions on how to apply the paint. Also the people in the paint department have lots of tips and trick on how to use this special new paint to get the look you need.

So if you’re thinking about the Elven/Old World look for you next painting project, stop by your local Hardware or Paint store and check it out! It may be just what you’re looking for.

~Aranel รณ Lorien~

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