Lord of the Rings Window Art

What you will need

1 plastic page protector
fabric paint

This little craft is very easy and only takes a few minutes. The fellowship brooch is my example

1. Pick out a design. Example: Fellowship leaf brooch (something simple)
2. Outline the picture in fabric paint on the page protector.
3. Once your outline is done, fill in the different colors. Ex, like with the leaf brooch, you would do the veins in the leaf.
4. Then fill in the rest of the color. Ex. Fill in green around the leaf veins and add the wire that wraps around it.
5. When your design is finished let it sit till dry.
6. When your design is done, stick it to the window!

These are incredible versatile, they will usually stick to any smooth glass or plastic surface such as mirrors, computer screens, or even the back of cell phones! Have fun and enjoy!

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