by ~Mirimë~

Magnetic poetry kits are popular and although you cannot buy an Elvish version it is relatively simple to create your own.


  • Self-adhesive magnet sheet (available at craft shops)
  • Thick printer paper
  • Exacto knife

Step One: Find words in your chosen Elvish language using the CoE language workbooks or Tolkien language dictionaries. See the word checklist at the end of this article for examples of the types of words you will require.

Step Two: Copy and paste the words into a word processor. Decide on the font size and type face that you want. You can utilize more space by formatting the page so that there are five columns. If you are using Microsoft Word, this can be done by clicking on Format>Columns. Type the number 5 in the blank next to “Number of Columns”.

When making verbs, the stems and endings should be on separate magnets. This is also true for nouns and any plural markers they may have. This will allow you to make the most combinations using the least number of magnets.

Step Three: Print the page onto thick printer paper.

Step Four: Peel the backing off of the magnet sheet.

Step Five: Place your page of words directly onto the adhesive. Press firmly, carefully smoothing out any air pockets.

Step Six: Let dry.

Step Seven: Cut around each word carefully using an exacto knife.

Word Checklist:

  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Nouns (Including any changes they may have)
  • Plural Markers
  • Verb Stems
  • Verb Endings (Including infinitives and as many tenses as you like).
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