Metal leafing is an easy beautiful and fun way to add a touch of gold, silver or copper to any sealed surface. You can buy a metal leafing kit at any local craft store. The brand I have is Old World Art, and I find that it works the best. You can apply metal leaf to mirrors, frames, jewelry or even wall stencils! The kind of leaf that you use all depends on what style or place in Middle earth you want your room to resemble! It’s all up to you!


  • Old World Art Gold, Silver or Copper Leafing Kit. (Contains complete easy-to-follow instructions, 25 sheets (756 sq. in.) metal leafing, 2 fl. Oz. Adhesive Size, 2 fl. Oz. Satin Sealer and one burnishing cloth.)

  • Something to metal leaf. (It is a good idea to try something small if it is your first time, then work your way up to bigger stuff!)

The instructions included in the kit are really easy to follow, and as long as you do everything that it says, your metal leaf project should come out just beautiful!

Some metal leafing ideas and tips …

Designs and Writing

If you want to paint on a metal leaf design, or even write in metal leaf, then use a small brush and the Adhesive Size to write or draw your design and then follow the rest of the instructions.


First find a stencil that you like, and then use the Adhesive Size to paint over it like you would if you were using paint, then follow the rest of the instructions.

Candles and Candleholders

Metal leafing candlesticks or candleholders looks really good. You could also try metal leafing the candles themselves.WARNING: Do not light the candles after they have been metal leafed! They are strictly for display only!


Metal leafing looks great on any carved furniture, or you could even cover any metal or wrought iron furniture from head to toe!

ClocksBland clocks can be given a new outlook with just a lick of Adhesive Size, a little metal leaf, and a finishing coat of Satin Sealer.

Mirror and Picture Frames

Old mirrors and picture frames are one of my favorite things to metal leaf.


The bottom of lamps look really great with a metal leaf finish.


Old necklaces, rings and pendants are a good thing to start off with if you are trying metal leafing for the first time, and they almost always turn out fabulous.

Treasure Boxes

Old music boxes or treasure boxes look really good with a little metal leaf embellishment. I also love to use old tea boxes and dress them up a bit with a little shine!

Handles, Knobs and Buttons

Handles and knobs on furniture can be spruced up a bit with metal leaf, as well as buttons on clothing and even doorknobs!

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