When looking through the Homely House section I realized there was nothing for the Sauron minions of Tolkien. So, I’ve put together this article for the more evil of us to be able to find something to use when decorating their bedrooms.

Step One: Colors

The suggested colors to complete an orcish look are black and blood red. You don’t have to use these. You can just use one or experiment with other combinations, but I think this one is the easiest to work with.

Step Two: Painting


  • Spackle
  • Plastic coverings (to cover floor while painting)
  • Primer
  • Paint (one or more colors; try to get latex-based paint)
  • Finish (flat finish recommended)
  • Roller tray
  • Roller brush
  • Small angled brush
  • Bucket

You don’t have to be an experienced painter or artist to make your room look nice, simply follow these instructions to get a profession (or almost professional) looking job.

01} Move out or store in your closet as much as you can, as this will prevent your stuff from getting in the way or ruined. Take your posters and such off the walls.

02} Wash the walls to remove dirt and grim then rinse.

03} Patch the defects, like holes, in your wall with spackle. Let dry.

04} Cover the remaining items and floor with plastic coverings this can range from various things, including garbage bags. Just be sure it’ll stay there.

05} Use a primer before putting on the actual paint.

06} Pour base coat paint in roller tray.

07} Use the roller brush to get the paint and be sure to remove excess paint.

08} Paint the walls one at a time around your room.

09} In hard to reach places, like the corners, use the small angled brush.

10} Let paint dry, then repeat this again using a second coat.

11} Use bucket with water to wash brushes as needed.

After this, it’s time to add an orc effect to your painting. (That’s obviously why I mentioned two colors.) Though I didn’t paint my room orcish, sorry guys, I did sponge it and it turned out quite well. Once again you need other supplies.


  • Paint (different color than last)
  • Sponge
  • Cardboard
  • Roller Tray

1} When picking out your sponge look for one with an interesting pattern that will look scary or evil in your room. They have these, I looked.

2} Try out your design on cardboard pieces before putting it on the wall. Paint several of these the base color of your wall before using.

3} Once the paint on the cardboard sponge testers is dry, use the sponge with the color for your design and sponge paint onto the cardboard tester.

4} If you like it, go ahead. If not try again.

5} Once you’ve found a design, begin sponge painting. Dampen the sponge, dip into paint, and dab off excess paint before using.

For a more in-depth guide, and what I used to check what I did while making this guide (and painting my room) go to: This Website

And so you have completed the painting part of this expedition. Let’s move on to the next step.

Step Three: Furniture

To give your room a mysterious and creepy look (but still have an elegant look to it so your parents or guests won’t run away in fright) use black iron (wrought iron) pieces of furniture, especially when picking out your bed.

Some websites that have furniture of this type are:

Iron Accents


Home Visions

They have some very beautiful furniture and accessories if you want to take the iron even further. If you don’t want iron furniture or can’t find something you like or want try dark woods or black tinted furniture. They have some very nice pieces online as well and you can find most of these items in any furniture store.

Step Four: Accents & Lighting

Here are some ideas to show the world how much you love Sauron …

Sauron Sculpture … sculpture of The Great Eye that is easy to make.


  • Styrofoam cone (Largest you can find)
  • Black paint (Not spray)
  • Cardboard
  • Picture of Sauron (Should focus on the eye and be proportional to the rest of the project)
  • Printer photo paper/printer paper (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue and gun

01} Take the styrofoam cone and paint it black everywhere, except the bottom. Let dry.

02} While it’s drying, cut two, 5 inch, thin, equilateral triangles from the cardboard. Bend at the bottom. (There might be adjustments needed if your cone is smaller. Make sure that the bottom can stick in the styrofoam without anything being damaged or it looking funny.

03} Paint triangles black as well.

04} Find your picture of Sauron on computer/magazine/ect. and print/cut it out. If you’re using a printer photo paper helps it look more realistic.

05} Cut out the eye and glue it to another piece of cardboard.

06} Cut out the eye again.

07} Using hot glue, glue the eye to the points of the triangles (make sure these are dry first before applying ‘eye’).

08) When the cone is dry, stick the bottoms of the triangle pieces into the top of the cone.

09} Remove triangle pieces, put glue into the slots of the cone where triangles were placed, and insert triangle pieces back in. Let dry.

Now you have a Sauron of your own!

You can also use black and red glitter for easy craft projects such as for a treasure box and other accent pieces such as unfinished wood picture frames (found at craft stores – for do-it-yourself finishing), small wastebasket, etc. The possibilities are many – just use your imagination.

Lighting … to give the look a more ominous feeling, colored light bulbs and/or blacklights are a great idea! Just buy enough to put in place of your old white bulbs and replace them, simple as that. Also black and red candles, and any candles with ‘creepy’ designs (skulls, etc).

Now that you have your furniture and accents you can now move on to putting up pictures of your heroes of evil. Find some pictures of Sauron or an orc you admire on your computer and print out, possibly on photo paper. Tack these up…or frame them and have fun!

There are also posters of Mordor you can put on your doors, walls, or ceilings. To get a taste of home buy a couple of these and enjoy.

Now that you have a better orc room than all your friends, show it to them and show them how to make their own (with different colors and such of course so they won’t be the same as you).

Enjoy your Orc room!

~ Failiƫ

Image of Mordor Emblem by Carrie Mooney, from the Flags from Middle-Earth related books page from CRW Flags

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