Do you have some favorites in your music collection that make you feel like you’re in Middle-earth? Please share them here!

Of course it goes without saying that the LOTR Soundtracks are first pick, though there are some fantastic albums out there with a Middle-earth ambience to them.

For starters, here are some of my own from yours truly, Goldsand 😉 ….

– Music Inspired by Middle Earth / David Arkenstone
(The only complaint I have for this one is that there’s not enough songs!)

– Return of the Guardians / David Arkenstone

– Anything by 2002, especially River of Stars, Across an Ocean of Dreams, and This Moment Now … music is similiar to Enya, more of an elvish ambiance.

– Or Mabinogi – Legends of the Celts by Ceredwen … reminds me of Rohan.

– State of Grace I and especially volume II by Paul Schwartz … described as “esoteric pop music” … has a gothic feel with a bit of Latin choral singing in the background … reminds me of Gondor.

– Paint the Sky With Stars / Enya

– The Isle of Dreaming / Kate Price … her style is similiar to Loreena McKennit

– Maidens of the Celtic Harp / Various Artists … a must-have for your elvish surroundings.

– Hilary Stagg – A Tribute … a collection of songs from this magical harpist who departed this realm on earth in 1999. May he rest in peace.

– Avalon – A Celtic Legend / Enaid

– Mysts of Avalon / Llewellyn


Here are some more music ideas from Elf_of_Lothlorien

So, your room is downright Elvish or Hobbit, but you can still feel that something is missing. It’s music!

If your room is in the Elven style I suggest something instrumental especially with harps, or choral, such as Charlotte Church. If you can try to keep whatever is playing the music hidden, to make it seem that it is coming out of nowhere.

These are some CDs that I suggest for Elven ambience:

– Celtic Mysteries
– Celtic Myths and Legends
– Celtic Favorites
– Charlotte Church Enchantment

For Hobbit ambience:

– Irish Celtic Favorites Volumes I,II, and III
– Irish Drinking Songs
– Irish Dreams II
– Celtic Pride

I hope you enjoy this little addition to your Elven haven or Hobbit home! If you have any questions please feel welcome to PM me!


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