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Blind Guardian is an power metal band that was formed in the 80’s. The band was really interested in Tolkien’s literature so they made an album called “Nightfall to Middle-Earth” which is based on the Silmarillion. The songs of the album talk about Beleriand and it’s important events such as the curse of the Noldor, the War of Wrath, Battle of Sudden Flame and much more. There are also some tracks where a narrator tells the story with a great ambiance and it enhances the listening of Nightfall to Middle-Earth. I recommend Blind Guardian to everyone who likes Tolkien and metal music. It’s an awesome experience!

Here is an example of the lyrics you can find in “Nightfall to Middle-Earth” …

Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)

Blood is on your hands
Your bane’s
A tearful destiny

Black clouds will carry
Rain of blood
I’ve seen it rain

We were lost
On grinding ice
In fear and hunger
Dead winter reigned
In Araman


(You) can’t escape
From my damnation
(Nor) run away
From isolation


Guilty spoke the one
THis deed can’t be undone
Hear my words
Fear my curse


I know where the stars glow
(And the) sky’s unclouded
Sweet the water runs my friend
(But) Noldor
Blood is on your hands
Tears unnumbered
You will shet and dwell in pain

Your homeless souls
Shall come to me
There’s no release
Slain you might be
Slain you will be
Slain you will be
And the lost
Who will not reach the
House of spirits
(Will) grow old and weary




I’ve seen this bitter end
As I’ve foreseen
The storm and ice
And I could see it
(How) a million died
And I?
The blame’s on me
Cause I was not there




Dead winter reigns
And tomorrow’s still unknown
Condemned and betrayed
Now everything is said
See my eyes
Are full of tears
And a cruel price
We’ve paid
But still I can’t claim
That I’m innocent


This is the picture on the album …

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