Uses of baking soda

Baking soda (not to be confused with baking powder!), also known as bicarbonate of soda and natron, has many uses. Here are a few:
1) Things you can clean with it:
– Soft-scrub of surfaces: If you don´t want to use harder cleaning gels with sand in them (many kinds of surface would get ugly stains from them), you can wet a sponge and crumble soda on it.
– Ovens, microwaves,…: You can clean most kitchen maschines with a sponge, water and soda. It doesn´t smell like hard chemics but works against stink.
– Silver flatware: You can mix a paste out of soda and a luttle bit water and polish the silver withn it. After that, rinse and dry it.
– Sponges etc.: You can fresh up sponges or other (smelly) pieces of cloth. Simply put them in warm water with 5 Spoons Soda on a liter water.
– Floors: You can clean floor with it (but be careful, wodden floors coud take the water in and become uneven).
– Shower curtains: You can clean shower curtains or the like with warm water and a lot of soda in it.
– Oral appliance: You can clean oral appliances like retainers or dentures over night in a glass of warm water with soda in it.
2) Personal care:
– Breath: Make a mouth water out of 1 or 2 gramms of soda and a glass of warm water agains smelly breath.
– Teeth: The same mouthwater can help when you try to whiten your teeth.
– Skin: You can make a paste out o fit and use it as body-, hand- or foot scrub for softer skin.
– Deodorant: a bit of soda can be used as deodorant when your usual one isn´t available.
– Insect bites: Sometimes, a bit of soda works wonders after an insect bite.
– Sour stomach: If you have an sour stomach after you ate too sour, take a bit of soda and wait.


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