~By Celedë_Anthaas.

Ilmarin, “Mansion of the High Airs”, is the palace of Manwë and Varda. It is described in the Book of Lost Tales 1:

“First upon Taniquetil was a great abode raised up for Manwë and a watchtower set. Thence did he speed his darting hawks and receive them on his return, and thither fared often in later days Sorontur King of Eagles whom Manwë gave much might and wisdom.

That house was built of marbles white and blue and stood amid the fields of snow, and its roofs were made of a web of that blue air called ilwë that is above the white and grey. This web did Aulë and his wife contrive, but Varda spangled it with stars, and Manwë dwelt thereunder.”

This description makes it pretty easy to turn your bedroom into Ilmarin.

Colours: Blue and white. You don’t have to paint your entire room to get these colours. Use blue or white bed sheets, and long curtains.

Stars: Varda’s palace wouldn’t be the same without stars! Buy some glow-in-the-dark stars and put them on the ceiling. If you want, you can make different constellations. You can find a list of all the constellations, including maps and information here.

Birds: Hang pictures and posters of birds on your walls.
You can also stick them on the window by copying them onto projector transparencies. Small porcelain statues of birds also look great.

Then, last but not least, clean your room. Hide your electronics and all the other modern stuff that doesn’t really belong in Ilmarin.

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