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Elven Realms: Easy Elvish Touches for Elves with Tight Budgets

If you are on a tight budget but still want to create your own middle-earth space try these two projects from dreamdancer So you want to add a little middle-earth decor to your living space? Here are two techniques I’ve used myself. They’re cheap and easy, and very effective! Mirror The ivy mirror is an […]

Elven Realms: Arwen’s Bedroom Banner (As seen in The Two Towers)

I noticed a beautiful banner on the wall of Arwen’s room in the scene where she and her father are having the ‘I’m going to stay’ – ‘No, you’re going to go’ talk. It is a beautiful blue (silk?) with silver trees embracing a moon embroidered/appliqued onto it. You will need … 1 piece of […]

Dwarf Kingdoms: The Gate of Moria

Have you always dreamt of living in Moria? Now you can at least make your door look like the entrance of your beloved mines 😉 What you will need a sketch of the gate a pencil a long ruler a door in a plain colour, preferably dark like dark blue, grey or black a thick […]

Dwarf Kingdoms: Dwarven Decor

~ by lindele Browns and grays are the best colors for walls; make sure to keep it dull. If you can manage to paint some cracks in your wall that would make it look very authentic (more like a stone wall) You could try making a model of a board with crossed axes to hang […]

Middle-earth: Metal Leafing by Alasstar

Metal leafing is an easy beautiful and fun way to add a touch of gold, silver or copper to any sealed surface. You can buy a metal leafing kit at any local craft store. The brand I have is Old World Art, and I find that it works the best. You can apply metal leaf […]

A General Guide: Easy Steps to a Middle-earth Décor

Bag End illustrated by John Howe Have you always wanted a Middle-earth décor, but the options seem overwhelming? This article will show you simple steps to creating your dream room. Choose one centerpiece for your room. Examples include a sword or other weaponry (available from specialty stores) or plants. Night blooming plants such as moonflower […]

Middle-earth: The Cardboard & Posterboard Frugal Guide to Middle-earth Decor

The following ideas and small projects are for people who do not own many things Tolkienien (like me), but would like to make their world more Middle-earth related. I have a tiny bedroom and limited space, but for those with big rooms, you have plenty ideas to utilize! Cardboard and posterboard are cheap, easy to […]

Elven Realms: Rivendell Rooms

~ By Celebriloth and Scothia Who doesn’t want to live in Rivendell? Well, if your nearest travel agent can’t get you there, we’ll help you have the next-best thing – rooms styled for a Half-Elven Lord! First off, the wide strokes … Look for books of Celtic or Norse patterns or clip art, which look […]

Elven Realms: Lothlórien – Bedroom Forest Canopy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a Lothlórien flet? Ever imagined what it would be like to fall asleep while gazing up at a leafy canopy under a starlit sky? With this project, you can make your own bedroom feel like an outdoor Elven sanctuary! You will need: tape […]

Middle Earth: Easy Woven Pillows and Placemats

Tools and Equipment Needed Small hammer Finishing nails Wooden picture frame, OR, 1.5”x1.5” pieces of wood to make a frame Wool (either cotton or the real thing) in colours that make you happy, OR, Raffia and dry natural materials (such as grass, birch bark, twigs, etc)-> NEVER take birch bark off of a live tree! […]