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Two Elven Effects: Stained Glass Window and Window Crystal

Stained Glass Window: When remodeling at home a little while back, the one thing I was set on having was a stock gothic window with a stained glass inset. I wanted a design that would honor the exquisite Rivendell set done for the LOTR films, and after a lot of freeze-framing of the DVD and […]

The Rangers Guide to Nettle String

The Stinging Nettle has more uses for a Ranger in the wilds than just making delicious soup! One of these is Nettle string. Making your own string or cord could be a vital skill in the wilderness, where it could be used to hold up your shelter, hanging up equipment, or for sewing and mending […]

Coffee Scented Parchment Paper

Coffee Scented Parchment Paper Making parchment using coffee and normal white paper. Materials: white paper (whatever kind you want, preferably thick. Rough oslo is a good choice); Coffee powder (instant coffee is okay, as long as it doesn’t have any cream mix); water, two trays, a hairdryer and a cup. Note: Instead of a hairdryer, […]

Five Simple Middle-earth Art Ideas

~ by Ainulindale Here are some step-by-step instructions to make your own Middle-earth accessories and art. They are relatively simple to make and quite easy on your pocket. If you are not sure how to make them, or cannot find certain materials here, feel free to contact me, or simply improvise! Three of these ideas […]

Design Your Own Woman’s Middle-Earth Heraldic Device

About Women’s Devices The devices Tolkien designed for women have very distinctive traits, which makes it very easy for you to learn how to design your own. Women’s devices were all circles, so as very first step to designing your own device draw a perfectly round circle on a piece of paper or on a […]

Creating a Middle-earth Clock

I made a clock based on Galadriel’s Hall in Lothlorien, you can see the pattern below if you want to copy it, but you can make a clock in whatever style or race you want. Materials Foam core board, no more than 6mm (1/4 of an inch) thick (any other backing is fine if it’s […]

Middle-earth Miscellany

A collection of fun and easy diversities … This page … Elven Display Board; Frugal Figurines for Modest Budgets; LOTR Scrapbook Page 2 LOTR Treasure Box; Middle-earth Map; Middle-earth Sign Page 3 Moonlight Paintings; Parchment Paper – Make your own Page 4 Pictures and Posters; Pipsqueaks’s Polymer Figures; Tolkien-Inspired Altered Books by Valaöré Page 5 […]

Greeting Cards – Make Your Own in LOTR Design

I’ve been making cards for about a year now. It’s the kind of thing you can do when you’re down – I love putting on films in the background while I make them. At the moment I’m in Christmas card mode (so much so in fact that I forgot to make Dad’s birthday card!) and, […]

Middle-earth Map on Fabric

What you will need: 1) Fabric in a light colour / pastel colour like yellow or pink, but white works best (I did it with an old pink sheet of my bed) it should have the right thickness (rather thin, not too thick) and an acceptable surface (not too soft or cosy, not too synthetic […]

Cartoon Doll Tutorial – Pixeling a Hobbit Lad

Making Cartoon Dolls has become a major point of interest in online communities. It’s no surprise that several fans of Middle-Earth have fallen into the addictive hobby. Many tutorials on the internet are about modern clothes and characters — here, I will create a series of tutorials so that aspiring dollers at CoE can have […]