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How to pull a mane

Say your horse’s mane is way to long but you don’t want to make it look like you took a mahete to their mane by using scissors. Why not try mane pulling? What you will need 1. Halter and leadshank or crossties. 2. Mane comb. 3. Pulling comb. 4.grooming kit. Steps 1. Catch your horse. […]

Miniature Horses: The Ultimate “Hobbit Pony”

Mini Horses – so exactly what are they? A major misconception harbored by many people is that these furry little animals are ponies – not true. In fact, miniature horses are just what their name suggests: horses, only in miniature size. These dwarfed animals can range from 28 to 34 inches, but any exceeding that […]

Horse Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the most fascinating modalities within Eastern medicine. It is amazing how the simple insertion of a needle can influence the entire physiology of the body. An acupuncturist’s goal is not to only relieve the patient’s symptoms, but to balance the the energy system of the entire body so the underlying problem […]

Basic Horsemanship

~ by Stryder I’m sure at one point or another a horse owner or equestrian has seen another rider perched atop a glowing, magnificent steed and become facinated by the way both horse and rider work together in utmost harmony. And of course, we would ask ourselves: “How do I get to be that good?” […]

Horse Treats for any Rohan Stable

~ by Daughter_of_Kings The people of Rohan value their horses above anything, and when you want to treat your horse right, what better way than to serve them up some cookies and oat mash! Below are recipes for ‘Rohan’s Best Horse Cookies’ and ‘Steamy Oat Mash for the Weary Traveller’, both good enough to feed […]

Effective Mane Braiding

~ by eruwen_thranduilion Throughout the movies we saw horses with long, flowing manes and tails. Very picturesque, no? However, with endless journeys over cross country, I wouldn’t doubt that the riders of Middle Earrth, particularly the elves, probably braided their horses manes and tails. Not only does it keep the horses necks cooler on hot […]

Easy Steps to a Perfectly Groomed Horse

~ by NiennaNiphredil I am fascinated by horses, as I’m sure many of you are. In fact, my family has three! My horse is white….. which makes for a very tedious grooming project, as you can guess … especially on muddy days. I’m sure many of you fellow horse-owners out there have the same problem […]

The Chicken or the Egg?

~ by sindar_gloriel Note: This article will not cover how to prepare chickens for table. I raise chickens as pets and for eggs. Hobbits had eggs, so it stands to reason that hobbits had chickens. Did you know that there are more chickens in the world than there are people? Eggs supply complete proteins and, […]