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Costumes: Charis’ Detailed Guide on How to Become a Hobbit

This article contains information on the Frodo costume I put together when I had a Two Towers viewing party. At the time I put the costume together I had never sewn. But with some determination and the help of good friends, I was able to come up with an awesome costume that looked great and […]

Hair Design in Middle-earth: A Collection of Style How-to’s

This page Achieve Evenstar Beauty Arwen’s Dreamy Hairstyle page 2 Fish Tail Braids Lace Hair Braiding page 3 Hobbit Tresses Lady of the Wood Salon Achieve Evenstar Beauty So you want to look like Arwen Evenstar, famous for her undying beauty? I’ll teach you how. First, prep your hair with a deep moisturizing treatment, like […]

Costumes: Patternless Practical Cape

A warm and simple cape for those of us red-thumbs who flunked home-ec and are more likely to sew our thumbs to the fabric than the lining. Most of the “don’t do this” advice refers to things I have done, and learned from. For the record, this is not an indoor costume-contest cape, but an […]

Hair: Modern Elvish Hairstyles

Love the Elvish hairstyles in the movie but want a modern alternative? Going on a date but don’t want to look like a total Rings-freak? has the answer! In their Hairstyles section they tell you how to create twenty stunning looks, all with an Elvish feel to them. Here we reproduce the instructions for […]

Hair: Synthetic Hair for Costuming

~ Kaylin Working with Synthetic Hair for Costuming Toyokalon hair and advice graciously provided by Doctored Locks Hair Extension Store. Carries everything from the new Micro-rings extension system to bulk Jumbo braid hair. Dr. Locks is a friendly person to deal with, has excellent customer skills and super fast shipping service. It took me three […]

Costumes: Laitaine_Hinnim’s Sewing Without Patterns Course

Contents Sewing Without Patterns 1 – How to Make a Basic Tunic Sewing Without Patterns 2 – How to Make Drawstring Pants Sewing Without Patterns 3 – Tabards and Pouches How to Make a Basic Tunic I learned this from the SCA booklet “Forward Into the Past”. It was the first sewing project I ever […]

Costumes: Want to See What Other People Have Made?

Contents NenyaGold’s Goldie The Ranger Outfit … Made for CoE’s Return of the King Party in Dec 2003. Aniron The Savior-Elf Dress Pattern Directions Use #P413 from Butterick. This is a two-piece dress with a belt and cape. I recommend that you start first with the skirt. Now, the skirt in this pattern is rather […]

Accessories: Crafting Your Own Realistic Fellowship Brooch

_______________________________________ Here are instructions on making your own realistic, metal Fellowship Brooch. You will need: Tin Sheet (bought at hardware stores, craft stores … or for the budget version, cut the top and bottom off a coke can, careful not to dent it, then slice down the side and flatten out. Be sure to use […]

Costumes: A Long-Expected Party Dress

~ by Yankeegirl Bilbo’s Eleventy-first birthday is bash is quickly approaching! Want to be the fairest Hobbit-girl there without breaking the bank? Let Yankeegirl show you how! For the basics of the pattern I used Simplicity 8192. The pattern numbers may have changed, however, on Simplicity’s site you can do a search and find the […]

Accessories: Easy Elven Ears

~ by Timpenin This is for all those times when you have a sudden desire to be Elvish, or don’t want to spend the time and money trying to find prosthetic ears that fit, don’t have to be cut, and are cheap. The best thing is that all you need for it is spirit gum […]