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Gardens of Valinor: Estë’s Sanctuary ~ Herbal Baths & Hair Care

Herbal Baths There is no better cure for the daily stresses of a complicated life than a long soak in a hot tub! But even better than plain water is a leisurely soak in an herbal bath. This first section will tell you all you need to know to make a totally herbaceous bath! Which […]

Gardens of Middle-earth: Rivendell

How to bring the beauty of the Elves of Imladris into your garden. (Pictures may take a while to load.) The Colours and Feel Rivendell is coloured mainly around golds, green, reds and whites, so these are all used in the design. Rivendell can also be noted for its buildings; often arched, curved and rich […]

Natural Self-Care from Your Garden

A collection of recipes for natural beauty products made right from your garden … Magic Bath Crystals How do many races in Middle Earth keep themselves relaxed? Using their scented bath crystals of course! Nothing is better then a scented bath to relax yourself. To make yourself some Magic Bath Crystals follow these simple steps! […]

Gardening Tips

So you have your Middle Earth garden and it looks great. But how to make sure it stays that way? What about pests? Compost? Look no further, these gardening tips will help you out. Thanks to Eloise and HobbitFriend! For even more gardening tips, check out Wildlife Tips Many of the garden designs in […]

Athelas For Your Garden

We all know of the plant Athelas mentioned in Tolkien’s works, as a plant that grows wherever Men of the West camped or established buildings in Middle-earth. It has a sweet, pungent smell when crushed and small white blossoms. We see the representation of this plant in the Fellowship of the Ring movie, when Aragorn […]

Garden Plants with Tolkienesque Names

~ by Mhairi ANTIRRHINUM or SNAPDRAGON (half-hardy annual) The most obvious choice of plant with a Tolkienesque name and fortunately, one which is easy to grow. Snapdragon is a popular cottage garden plant, with lipped tubular flowers in a massive array of colours. Sam would enjoy this! AQUILEGIA or COLUMBINE “Red Hobbit” (hardy perennial) Aquilegias […]