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LARP: How I Developed My Own LARP Character

By Kaylin First off, I created my character on the assumption that I would eventually be playing full time with the Havok! LARP group. The Game Administration person (user name Anorll) had actually started telling me about the game one night when I had complained about the lack of any good LARP’s within our city. […]

LARP: What Makes a Successful LARP… and What Kills It

By Kaylin There are several things within the game system of a LARP that can either make it as great as Tolkien’s works or make it fizzle out faster than a botched wizard spell. First off, I’ll list the pitfalls and common mistakes LARP players/Storytellers make that can really kill a game. Player-to-player conflict is […]

LARP: How To Set Up a Successful LARP/How to Find One

~ by Kaylin All together now! A Havok! Group Picture 2003 Finding your own RP can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. There will also be several types of RP as well that are not just LARP based. Generally, checking your local gaming store is a safe bet. Either the Storytellers of […]

Weapons for LARP: An Easy Way to Make a LARP Sword

~ by Alassë Solá (lyrae_archeress) I’ve found a simple, functioning way you can make a wooden sword. I’ve seen a few articles about metal ones, but those require going to a farm machinery place, to get a pipe or something flattened. This can be difficult for younger people, especially the ones without cars – like […]

Weapons for LARP: How to Make a Boffer Sword

~by Kaylin How to Make a Boffer Sword *All images have been used with the permission of the World of Vaithan Staff. You know them, you’ve seen the LARPers with them, now you want one. So how do you go about making one, that is LEGAL to use in games like Havok! and NERO? Follow […]