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Aragorn Guy: A Song about Aragorn

To the tune of “American Pie” or Wierd Al Yancovic’s “The Saga Begins” “This Aragorn Guy” A long, long time ago In the shire far away Middle-earth was under an attack So Sam and Merry and young Pip Joined me on my perilous trip, To destroy the ring and get a little slack. But the […]

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?: Aragorn and Arwen

To the tune of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from Lion King Elrond: I can see what’s happening and the Dunadain knows too. My daughter’s love is gone to this man: Aragorn that’s who! She’ll miss the chance of a lifetime. To go to Valinor with me, She’ll waste away and then be left […]

Voices from Middle-Earth: The Music of Lingalad

Back in 1999, Giuseppe Festa created a CD inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, calling it “Voices from Middle-Earth”. The title is about as acccurate as you can get … each and every one of the songs on this album (and the subsequent ones) contains music which sounds as though a mysterious link to Middle-Earth has been […]

Tolkien Inspired Metal – Summoning

Summoning is an Austrian band, which plays black metal and takes its inspiration in Tolkien’s world, Middle-Earth. The band was formed in 1993 by Silenius (Michael Gregor), Protector (Richard Lederer) and Trifixion (Alexander Trondl). Their first album Lugburz (1995) is more traditional black metal, but after that the drummer Trifixion left the band, and because […]

Tolkien Inspired Metal – Blind Guardian

~ by aran_an_gondor Blind Guardian is an power metal band that was formed in the 80’s. The band was really interested in Tolkien’s literature so they made an album called “Nightfall to Middle-Earth” which is based on the Silmarillion. The songs of the album talk about Beleriand and it’s important events such as the curse […]

Music for Middle-earth Ambience

Do you have some favorites in your music collection that make you feel like you’re in Middle-earth? Please share them here! Of course it goes without saying that the LOTR Soundtracks are first pick, though there are some fantastic albums out there with a Middle-earth ambience to them. For starters, here are some of my […]

The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack Reviews

Contents Ainulindale’s Reviews of The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack Fantasy_Elf’s Review of The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack Iarfalaswen’s Review of The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack Andtalathiel’s Reviews of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers Soundtracks Simbelmyne’s Review of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers Soundtracks Ainulindale’s […]

Tolkien-Inspired Songs

Have you written a song about your favourite place in Arda? Have you made up a song about your favourite character? Here’s the place to put it! Whether it’s lyrics or your own written sheet music, send it right along to us. “The Ballad of the Fighting Uruk-Hai” by Bosanova In Isengard One rainy day […]

TinuvielHobbit reviews The Starlit Jewel

“The Starlit Jewel: Songs from J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit”, reviewed by TinuvielHobbit Music by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis. Performed by Brocelïande. Recorded at Flowinglass Music. “The Starlit Jewel”, originally entitled “The Rivendell Suite”, is an unusual CD to say the least. The voices and moods […]

Into the West, an Elf Song by Happy_Hobbit

They came in the morning when the world was new, Brightess of the stars that shone above, All of Middle Earth was theirs, and time unending too To fill it with their songs, music and love. Those that travelled Wesward saw the trees great light Built there Elven home in Valinor Sought to dwell in […]